We are looking forward to seeing you this summer. Here is some helpful information you will want to remember when coming to camp:

*REGISTRATION begins at 3:00 pm on Sunday, except for Happy Kamp which is 3:00 pm on Wed. July 3th, 2024.
We cannot begin registration before 3:00 pm as we need all staff on site before we can register your children.
*PICK-UP time is 4:00 pm SHARP on Friday.

*CANTEEN will be open during registration day. *Every child receives 2 items a day from the canteen that is included in your registration fee. You can leave extra money on day of registration if you would like.

*PACKING: We have provided a checklist for Campers and Wilderness Campers online to help with packing. It is located on the Home Page of our website under Camps / Events.

Happy Kamp: Teddy Bear Picnic / Spots and Stripes
Multi-Age Camps / Day Camp: Western / Disney / Pirate / Zoo
Teen Camp: Beach / Decades / Christmas / Formal
Family Camp: Dress a Parent / Noah’s Ark

*DRESS CODE: NO crop tops, short shorts, miniskirts, swim wear that shows mid-section (dark t-shirts over bikinis are permitted) clothing with profanity or scary images.

Thanks for choosing MTBC for your Summer Camping Experience!