Welcome to Mount Traber Bible Camp & Retreat Center

Our mission is to provide and maintain an environment that will introduce, enrich and enhance each person’s relationship with God, our Creator.


Arrowsmith Program (provided by Keystone Learning Assoc.)
Cognitive Intensive Program for those with Specific Learning Disabilities such as dyslexia, difficulties in math, reading, processing speed, understanding cause and effect, reasoning, working memory and comprehension.
Age 8 – 18 / 6 weeks / July 3 – Aug 11
3 weeks at MTBC & 3 weeks at KLA’s centre (Dartmouth)
$3080 for the entire 6 weeks


 As most of you already know there is a very large project on the horizon, and that is replacing the Chapel. 

Decommissioning Service to be held, February 26th @ 3:00 pm

Click below to learn more about the plan.

Mount Traber Bible Camp is a non-denominational Christian Camp located in Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia is dedicated to developing Christian character and leadership skills in youth.

MTBC is a charitable organization owned by BCM International Canada Inc. The Camp operates in accordance with the statement of faith, principles and directives of BCM International Canada Inc.

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